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Social Work Education In India


ISBN: 8185167842
ISBN 8185167842
Name of Authors K.K.Jacob
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1994
Pages 244
Language English

This volume presents historical and conceptional development of Social Work Education in India. The first part deals with the trends, challenges and opportunities, and above all, the fresh approaches and inititives called for, in order to give a new sense of purpose and direction to the tasks before social work education. This is followed by the patterns and trends in curriculum building, specialization and the theoretical and enrich social work education. The place of under-graduate education in social work, need for indigenous teaching materials and the importance of communication in the teaching and practice of social work are also dealt with. The importance of developmental social work, along with attitude rationale and skills, for development, the over riding importance of new perpective in field work, need for theory and practice of social development through innovative field projects etc. are emphasized. The special input needed in theoretical and emphirical research and the need to review are all presented thus completing a board spectrum presentation in all aspects of social work deucation in India.


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