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Social Policy In India


ISBN: 8185167141
ISBN 8185167141
Name of Authors K.K.Jacob
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1989
Pages 150
Language English

The present book contains the papers presented at the National Seminar on Social Policy organised by the Association of Schools of Social Work in India at Hyderabad. It covers wide ranging and important aspects of social Policy such as national trends and directions along with their strenghts and weaknesses, and social work as part of planning process. Also social policy as related to social work education and formulation and implementation of social policy as part of social work practice and review of courses in social policy and social work have been presented. The role of bureaucracy and administration in social policy formulation and implementation and cse studies of some interventions and case welfare, and others in related areas through participation in field work, other projects etc. have been discussed. The need to develop a more meanigful, relevant, appropriate social policy in the context of the present day consitionsm and the role professional social workers, their association along with other voluntary organizations, have been indicated. The book will be very useful to administrators, social planners, social workers, social and political scientists etc. who wish to delve deep into the dynamics of social policy formulation and their full implementation.

Dr. K.K. Jacob, whi edited this book, is Principal of Udaipur School of Social work, Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth, Udaipur. He has his master's degree in Economics and social work, Ph.D. in Personnel Management and advanced training in social administration at chicago University, U.S.A. Author of the well known books 'Methods and fields of social work in India (two editions) 'Personnel Management in India' (two editions) he won the singular distinction of being invited to write a comprehensive article on "Social and welfare services" for the International edition of Encyclopedia Britannica. He has completed over ten major research surveys in Rajasthan on behalf of various departments of the Government of India. A part from several teaching and other assignmnets abroad, he has kept up his close association with number of national and international organizations in the field of social welfare. He is currently President of the Association of Schools of social work in India, Chairman, National Institute of Personnel Management, Rajasthan Branch, and Chairman Rural Projects in Rajasthan under FPAI. He is Member of the Advisory Committe on Social Welfare Research under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India and member of the working Group on Development and welfare of children in the VLL five year Plan.


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