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Right To Information Act And Good Governance


ISBN: 9788193060919
ISBN 9788193060919
Name of Authors Prof. Anand Paliwal,Dr. Krishna Kishor Trivedi
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2017
Pages 326
Language English

In recent years, there has been an almost instoppable global trends towards the recognition and enactment reight to Information by various countries. The inter governmental organisation, civil societies, and many object is to gate meaningful substantive democracy ought to be founded on the notion ofman infrmed public that is participate through fully in its own government, is "for the people" it should be open and accountable. No society can claim to br truly free unless it has both the instruments and the practice of providing its people with access to information.No government that claim to be information ensures greater public participation through openness in the dark corners of administration and facilities the process of developmenyt at varioud lebvels, Democracy need isa systems of comminucation with ideas to change and development, and which provides for all particilaton in reaching consensus consensus and socioculture, economics and political goals. The struggle for Right to Information has been a long one. It enforese the right to informaton as Citizen's right. Every citizen can apply for the information efforts at adminidtrative reforms,. This aAct is to get the best result for Good-Governan e, but what is te real impact ,

Prof.Anand Paliwal is Dean, Head and Chairman of Faculty of Law. He holds LL.B. (Gold Medal) and LL.M. Prof. Paliwal also incharge of Right to Information Cell and Legal Cell at M.L.S. University. He has been associated with a number od academic and professional bodies. At present 10 research scholars are working under his supervision. His area of interest is teaching, administration, organising free legal education camps and legal aid campus in rural areas and develop the clinical legal educational. Prof. Paliwal has published. Present More than 50 paper and research articles at National/ International Seminars/ Conference/ Journals. Dr. Krishna Kishor Trivedi is lecture at Mohan Lal Sukhadiya University Udaipur. Dr. Trivedi did his Ph.D work under guidance of Prof. Anand Paliwal. He holds LL.B. from Rajasthan University, LL.M. from M.D.S. University Ajmer. His area of interest is teaching, organising Moot Court, Mock Trial and legal aid camps. Dr. Trivedi has Published/ presented 5 paper at National and International seminars and journals.


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