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Reproductive Health & Culture In Tribal India


ISBN: 9788179060223
ISBN 9788179060223
Name of Authors Chakrapani Upadhyay
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2005
Pages 270
Language English

The book is an exploration in characteristics of reproductive health, beliefs and practices among tribal people of India. The socio-cultural and demographic background characteristics are correlated with natality, fertility processes, morbidity conditions and sexually? transmitted diseases. The health seeking behavioural patterns of the tribal women are analysed in the context of taboos, totems, norms and extra marital relations. It identifies dimensions of health care and presents analytical framework of social transformation. This would help governmental and non-governmental organisations in policy framing and its implementations. The book provides reference material for social scientists, health administrators and academicians interested in the field of sociology of health.


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