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Renewable Energy Theory & Practice


ISBN: 9788179061312
ISBN 9788179061312
Name of Authors N.S.Rathore, N.L Panwar, A.K Kurchania
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2008
Pages 312
Language English

This text book has been written as per the syllabus approved by fourth Dean Committee constituted By Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. It covers all aspect of renewable energy related to agriculture, energy conservation and rural development. This book cover various aspects of renewable energy sources such as energy from biomass, biomass combustion, densification of biomass, biogas technology, solar energy, solar photovolatic technology, wind energy, ocean energy, hydro electric power, biofuel production and energy conservation in agriculture. The biofuel production, utilization and energy conservation in agricultural sector with suitable example are also covered in this book. Theory with practical manual provide a base to student to utilize renewable energy gadgets in efficient way. The salient feature of this book is a simple systematic representation of theory of various renewable energy technologies with neat & clean sketches and relevant figures. Each chapter includes simple language and exercise for examination and practical. Al the end of book various practical exercise have been included which is essentially required for easy understanding of technology for domestic, agriculture, transport and agro industrial sectors.


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