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Prom Vol.1


ISBN: 8179061159
ISBN 8179061159
Name of Authors NC Aery N S Rathore M K Katewa M R Masih
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2006
Pages 185
Language English

1. Use of Rock Phosphate as aPhosphatic Fertilizer A Review, 2. Need for Enrichment of Organic Manures forSustainable Agriculture, 3. Studies on the Agronomic Effectiveness of RockPhosphate as p Fertilizer in Weakly Alkaline Soils, 4. Phosphate Rich OrganicManure (PROM) An Alternative to Phosphatic Fertilizers, 5. Response of WheatPriticum aestivum to PROM, 6. Production of Phosphorus Rich Organic Manure(PROM) from Press Mud and Distillery Waste and its Agronomic Evaluation as aSubstitute of Phosphatic Fertilizers in Rice. Wheat and Cabbage Crops, 7.Evaluation of Agronomic Effectivness of Phosphours Rich Organic Manures on SeedYield and Nutrient Content of Clusterbean, 8. Ellect of Phosphours Sources withand without FYM on Soybean-Mustard Cropping in Calcareous Soils, 9. AgronomicEvaluation of Composted and Vermicomposted High Grade Posphate Rock PROM alongwith Bioinoculum PSB on Growth, Yield and Nutrient Content of Onion, 10.Response of green gram Vigna radiata to PROM Phosphate Rich Organic Manure onFarmers Fields, 11. Effect of Integrated Use of Phosphocompost and ChemicalFertilizer on Growth, Yield, Uptake of Nutrients by Wheat and Soil Fertility inInceptisol, 12. Seed, Stover and Biological Yields of Pigeon Pea as Influencedby Phosphorus Sources, Solubilizers and Bio Regulators, 13. Effect fo PhosphateRich Organic Manure on Yield of Fenugreek in Loamy Sand Soils, 14. Lignite inPROM A Preliminary Study, 15. Direct Use of Rock Phosphate along with Ligniteon Cowpea, 16. Effect of Phosphate Solubilizers on Pearl Millet under CoastalSaline Soil, 17. A Model for Cost Effective, On Farm Sesbania Based PROMProduction and its Use in Succedding Crops to Improved Yields on Saline Soils,18. Effect of Phosphate Solubilizers on Groundnut under Coastal Saline SoilCondition, 19. Dissolution of Tunisian Phosphorite Using Aspergillus Niger, 20.Report on Field Experiment for Use of High Grade Rock Phosphate in Fine Sizealong with Farmyard Manure as A Replacement to Phosphatic Fertilizer, 21.Results of PROM Demonstration Organized by SOAM During Kharif 2004, 22.Biological Farming in South Africa A Personal Experience, 23. IntegratingOrganic Farming Methods A Case Study, 24. Bio-Pesticide/ Pest Repellent, 25.Biodynamic Agriculture, 26. Introduction to EM Technology on PhosphateUtilization, 27. Propagation of EM Technology in India, 28. Production ofPhosphate Rich Organic Manure and Power via Biomethanation Route, 29. WasteRecycling for Power Generation, 30. Aerobic Composting by Excel Process, 31.Horizontal Flow Biogas Plant for Biomethanation of Lignocellulosic Biomass, 31.CATSOL Liquid Phase Process for Hydrogen Sulphide Removal and Sulphur Recoveryfrom Biogas, 33. Enrichment of Biogas Spent Slurry with Rock Phoisphate byPhosphate Solubilising Bacteria


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