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Protection Of Women In Moral Danger


ISBN: 8185167486
ISBN 8185167486
Name of Authors Mohinder Singh Bedi
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1992
Pages 276
Language English

The book is the result of comprehensive research project undertaken by the Author, with the financial assistance of the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India. It is a unique book, as it makes a distinct contribution in the development of research methodology and theory pertaining to the understanding of the problem of trafficking in women and in its control.It is for the first time, that problem of trafficking in women in India, has been undertaken covering rural and urban, traditional and clandestine, casual and committed prostitutes, with detailed information of their family member, and about the traffickers whether as brothel keepers and pimps as also about the customers have been taken in order to understand the operation of the sex trade. The changing dimensions of the causes, concepts, types, control strategies, legislative attempts and related problems regarding the problem of prostitution have been discussed so as to provide a backdrop for a comprehensive action plan in order to deal with this problem. The suggested action plan is multipronged and provide for the protection and development of women in general, and their welfare, protection, reformation and development of women in distress and in moral danger in particular. The study also provides an indepth study of residential care covering protective homes, such as rescue, shelter and after - care homes, providing details of their services, inmates and staffing patterns for Rajasthan and India


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