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Problems & Conservation Of Lake Gaipsagar (Dungarpur)


ISBN: 9788179063873
ISBN 9788179063873
Name of Authors Rawat
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2014
Pages 55
Language English

Relation between man and environment depends upon varioussources. At one side, it is impossible to establish environment without man andat other side, it is also impossible to develop men life and death, joyous andlife of aristocracy. Today wherever we live in particular atmosphere isenvironment. Man?s functioning gets hindrance without environment. Soenvironment is very much useful and important for human beings. Vaidic saintsbelieve that the nature is our mother that devotes it?s all to the children andshe doesn?t expect anything for her. We find that whole Rajasthan has becomethe victim for the scarity of water cause of unbalanced environment. Theunderground water level has gone very low. Rain falling is limited. Every yearcrops are dried due to the unavailability of raining and the area is coveredinto famine. According to the advance study of the country, we find that theexistence of fifty thousand lakes is in danger. The Pushkar lake (Ajmer), Pichholalake (Udaipur), Sambhar lake and Gaipsagar lake of Dungarpur are one of them.The dried lakes are the main cause of water pollution. All the filth and urineare flowed recklessly in the lakes without any water treatment, So water ispolluted and facing the acute trouble of water. Life of human being is badlyaffected due to water pollution of rivers and lakes directly or indirectly. Itis the experience of the Jheel Sanrakshan Samiti that if the villagers?participation is ensured, the cost of catchments treatment and ground waterrecharge can be reduced significantly. The participation of villagers at everystage of development will also ensure sustainability of all executed works. Thewater from the lake was carried inside the town through this gate. Owing toeasy availability of plentiful of water the lake formed an important lifesupporting system in the early days and their became an instrument ofrecreational and tourist attraction for the town Daungarpur. In carrying outthis project study I have received guidance, help and encouragement from different?individual, various Government officialand organizations.


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