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Disease Monograph Allergic Rhiniris


ISBN: 9788179063934
ISBN 9788179063934
Name of Authors Dr. Nivedita Pattanaik
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2014
Pages 55
Language English

While working in My clinic, at R.V. Homoeopathic Hospital and Peripheral OPDs, Ihave observed that a number of patients approached for the treatment of AR after treatment with different system of medicines and getting disappointed due to insignificant relief or symptomatic palliation but getting complications of disease (i.e., sinusitis, asthma etc.). Homoeopathy the most complete and scientific system of healing the sick, the world has ever seen. This system looks at an individual not the disease. With appropriate medicine, potency & dose it established not only cure but it alter the way in which the immune system reacts to allergen called as "Immunomodulatory effect of Homoeopathic Medicine". It brings back Hypersusceptibility to Normal susceptibility. This encouraged me to undertake the study i.e., "Disease Monograph - Allergic Rhinitis". The present work is based on the personal notes which are created to clear to clear the confusion while preparing for MD examination. It was a step to set material in a simplified but organized manner. * It is unique compilation that present schematic overview of Allergic Rhinitis, its general management and different modes of treatment. * In this book due emphasis has been given to the differential dagnosis of AR as well as comparative and differential miasma tic and Homoeopathic drug study. * It also contain the recent research showed benefits from this homoeopathic treatment. This book is the only book that concisely present the brief description of the details of AR. The students, academicians and practitioners will find much use full in formations and great use in their day - to- day work.

The outhor of this work prof. (Dr.) Nivedita Pattanaik, currently Professor in Materia Medica Dept. and Medical Superintendent of R.V. Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Dabok, Udaipur. She is an eminent physician of udaipur and a very popular teacher among sudents. She is a student of Dr. A.C. Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, BBSR, Orissa, one of the best college of India and completed her MD in Materia Meidca from Sri Sai Nath P.G. Institution, Allahbaad. She also holds as examiner, paper setter in different Universites. Presented research paper in International seminer and has many national and international piblication. She has been awarded by many Organizations also.


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