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Practical Manual Principles Of Plant Biotechnology (B.Sc Agriculture)


ISBN: 9788179067161
ISBN 9788179067161
Name of Authors Dr. S.K. Khandelwal ,Dr. Ajay Sharma ,Dr. Devendra Jain , Dr. Devendra Jain ,Dr. Arunabh Joshi
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2018
Pages 80
Language English

This course entitled Principle of Plant Biotechnology has been drafted to enable students obtained a first - hand instructuin - cum - training in applying the major principle of transformation experiments. The students would learn the essential skills to work efficiently in an areas of the laboratory towards culture media preparations to bringing explants from source, prepare these explants for aseptic transfer into the prepared media designed to fulfill some of the major objectives on applications of plants tissue culture in agriculture. The Manual has been arbitrarily made into two parts for convenience of understanding the subject matter when put to practice: the exercise 1 to 6 describe all essential procedures that need to be followed for successful establishment of explants into culture media; the exercise 7 to 12 describe some of the major applications in modern agriculture, and the exercise 13 to 17 expose students to basic aspects of plant molecular biology as prescribed in the course. We (authors) hope that the present form will appeal to the students as a handy work - book. In the interest of the students, we have concluded the exercise with an appendix section bearing notes on buffers, a list of abbreviations of terms used in the text as well as concise glossary. The manual is an attempt to impart the basic training so as to enable students to experience ways to perform the plant tissue culture experiments, which can be opted as a mean to entrepreneurship. We sincerely hope that this manual will serve as a handy workbook for the B.Sc. (Ag.) students for understanding practical aspects of the course.


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