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Principles Of On-Chip Interconnection Networks


ISBN: 9788179062067
ISBN 9788179062067
Name of Authors Naveen Choudhary
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2013
Pages 241
Language English

On-Chip inter works are fast emerging as patential solution for communication among larger number of processing elements on a single chip. A high performance, flexible, scalable and design-friendly interconnection network architecture is highly desired for modern Soc and microprocessor designs. The book has lot of visual appeal and a large number of illustrations were used to aid in understanding. This book gives as insight in the domain of tries to present the fundamental principles of interconnection network and in particular, the concept of on-chip network in a crisp and easy language and can be greatly helpful for student intending to peruse research in the domain of on-chip interconnection networks.


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