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Precission Agriculture For Sustainable Food Production


ISBN: 9788179062425
ISBN 9788179062425
Name of Authors Y.C. Bhatt, G.S. Tiwari, N.S.Rathore, Deepak Sharma
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2013
Pages 196
Language English

Increasing food production to meet the needs of the India's growing population is one of the major challenges in the agriculture sector. The land suitable for agriculture is limited and its extension into other areas often raises other problems. The optimization of crop quality and quantity from existing agriculture land is therefore essential to meet the growing population food needs, Achieving the necessary balance of quantitative and qualitative crop production in a sustainable way lies in what is know as the 'precision agriculture concept'. Precision agriculture is essentially a more farm management practice which can be made possible by application of modern technology in farming. Precision farming offers a variety of potential benefits in profitability, sustainability, crop quality, environment protection, on-farm quality of life, food safety, and rural economic development, Refinement and wider application of precision farming technology can result in lower production costs, higher productivity and environment benefits, and better stewardship of nature resources. Precision farming holds good scope in the major food-grain crops such as rice and wheat in the Ind-Genetic plains and also for horticultural crops grown in the cooperative farms. The present book "Precision Agriculture for Sustainable Food Production" emphasize all the current aspects of the precision agriculture which are related to the food production.


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