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Personal Management In India


ISBN: 8185167050
ISBN 8185167050
Name of Authors Jacob KK
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1987
Pages 212
Language English

This study of Personnel management in India presents the findings of a field survey on training and functions of peprsonnel officers, the first of its kind to be undertaken in India, in which questionnaries were sent out to 2000 practicing personnel officers. It brings out revealing data on, and considered views of, personnel officers from all over the country and gives an assessnebt in retrospect and prosepct of the main trends that have, an impact on the future of personnel management in India. The historical evolution of personnel management in the west id given against the backgraound of which development in India have been traced in detail. The theoretical and conceptual development are given as a frame of reference against which the profiles of personnel officers are presented. The professional training, functions and job satisfaction of the personnel functionaries are discussed along with an assessment of the various training programmes in India in social work and labour welfare. The thinking of officers on majour issues in personnel management includes, among other things, their assesment of the attitudes of management, department heads and trade union leaders towards personnel functins. Issues such as statutory appointment of welfare officers and the relevance of social work education and legal training have been taken up for detailed discussion along with the emerging trends which are bound to have their impact on the future of personnem management.

Dr. K.K. Jacob, Principal, Udaipur School of Social Work, Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth, Udaipur, started his teaching career at Loyola College, Madras in 1995. He joined the Udaipur School in September 1961. He was a member of an international team of social workers which has programmes in U.S.A. and Europe in 1963. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Udaipur. Author of Introduction to social work, Indian Economic Problems and Methods and Fields of social work in INDIA,Dr. Jacob has co ducted more than ten research studies on various aspects of welfare administration in Rajasthan. Dr. Jacob received international recognition when the prestigious ENCYCLOPAEDIA BRITANNICA commissiones him to write a comprehensive article on Social and Welfare Services for their international edition. Dr. Jacob went to Hong Kong University as Visiting Professor in 1976 where he gave courses in Personnel Administration and Social Welfare. He represented India in 1975 at the council of International Programmes and the Bi-Centenary Celebrations in U.S.A. Recently he visited Bangla Desh as member of an Indian delegation to study family welfare programmes there under FPAB/IPPF. Dr. Jacob is Chairman of the Rajasthan than Branch of National Institute of Personnel Management, President of the ssociation of Schools of Social Work in India and Chairman of the Rural Projects in Rajasthan under Family Planning Association of India. He is also member of the Research Advisory Committee under the Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India.


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