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Needs And Problems Of Aged.


ISBN: 8186231250
ISBN 8186231250
Name of Authors Sati
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1996
Pages 285
Language English

The increase in life-expectancy at birth being a global phenomenon, which has led rise to the proportion of older age group within entire population all over the world. In India also the population of aged is the fastest growing compared to toher age groups. With the rise in their population, the aged as a group are facing number of socio-economic and psychological problems. In fact these problems are byproduct of industrialisation, urbanisation and migration. The impact of these problems have affected our traditional culture and values of respect and reverence for the aged. The social support structure i.e. joint family, caste-system and village community is no longer able to discharge its duties and responsibilities towards the elderly population. India is a welfare state and it cannot ignore for long the problems of aged. Today there is need of broad based public social security system and welfare services for the aged in general in India. Planners, administrators, social scientists and non-governmental organisation should intervene to sensitise the government and public at large for implementing comprehensive social security system and upgrading the welfare services for paper rehabilitation of the aged. The author has highlighted in dept the socio-psychological needs and problems of 603 (530 non-institutionalished and 73 institutionalished) sample population of aged living in different parts of Rajasthan. There is no doubt that a comprehensive study of his nature ehich not only discusses the needs and problems, but also recommends certain social intervention of the aged will be welcomed by social scientist and laymen at large.

Dr. P.N. Sati (Born in Ramnagar, District-Nainital, U.P.) is currently Director Research at Udaipur School of Social Work, Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth (Deemed University) Udaipur. He obtained his Master's Degree in SOCIAL Work (MSW) in 1st class in 1964 and Ph.D. in 1979 by winning the C.B. Agrawal Gold Medal for submitting best doctoral dissertation is social sciences from Institute of Social Science, Agra University, Agra. Till to-date he has 30 years of teaching experience to post-graduate classes in social work. He has written a book 'Retired and Aging People' published by 'Mittal Publications', Delhi, in 1988. Besides this, he has published articles in leading national journals on social work, tribal development, population education, community development and social gerntology. He reviewed three books entitled 'Hospitalished Schizophrenics', 'Development Displacement and Rehabilitation', and 'Industrial Safety and Environmental Hazads and Nuclear Accidents' Which were published in 'Review Projector India', Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu) from 1988 to 1990/ He has also presented papers in National level seminars on Social Work, Women Welfare, child welfare, correctional administration, population education and programmes and services forthe aged in different parts of the country.


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