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Memorial Monuments Of Rajasthan: The Cenotaph


ISBN: 8179060705
ISBN 8179060705
Name of Authors Ratanlal Mishra
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2004
Pages 146
Language English

In the present volume the author traces out the history ofthe cenotaph right from the tribal period up to the Rajput period. He hasvividly described the various phases through which the cenotaph has passedbefore reaching its culmination in Rajput period, which marks vigorously the revival of the custom of erectingsepulchral monuments. The Hindu temple architecture and sculpture together withthe mortuary architecture received an impetus under the Rajput rulers ofRajasthan. Thousands of cenotaphs cropped up during this period under theRajputs who introduced a new chapter to the annals of the art movement of thestate of Rajasthan. The present studyis divided in several chapters. The first presents a brief sketch of thepolitical history of Rajasthan followed by the second and third chapters whichdeals with the concept of raising cenotaphs and its development together withthe architectural components of the cenotaph structure. The next one describesthe cenotaphs of the states of Rajasthan in detail. The cenotaph raised on theseths and the saints have also been included in the description. Some straycenotaphs which have historial importance have also been discussed. The studyis mainly based on historical records and spot observation. Anybody interested with however little technical knowledge,in our ancient building will understand, enjoy and jealously preserve thisbook.


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