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Mechanics And Oscillations


ISBN: 9788179067475
ISBN 9788179067475
Name of Authors Vimal Saraswat
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2018
Pages 479
Language English

This book is divide into 10 chapters, first two chapters are related to mechanics covering the laws of motion , inertial ?and ?non-inertial frames,fictitious force, special theory of relativity, Lorentz transformation,relativity of time, length,mass and velocity. Chapter three and four? related to the motion of particle under central?force in which kepler?s ?law of planetary motion and ?gravitation field are discussed. Chapter five related to to center of mass and ?types of collision,? chapter six deals with rigid body? dynamics. Chapter eight to ten related with oscillation. In chapter seven simple harmonic motion and the free oscillation of simple system are explained. Chapter eight deals with superposition of waves, nine is dedicated to damped and forced harmonic motion and in tenth chapter free oscillation of system with two degrees of freedom is explained in systematic way. ?


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