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Man In Biological Perspective.


ISBN: 8186231897 (2224)
ISBN 8186231897 (2224)
Name of Authors K.K. Verma,Rashmi Saxena
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2000
Pages 106
Language English

The book is a collection of ten eassys. They have been written with the firm conviction that understanding Man with his biological Man with his biological background helps in understanding him better. This enlightens us an to the significance of Man in the miving world, what he can do or overdo, and what errors he should avoid hereafter. Man has a lot of misconceptions about his own affairs, and the misunderstandings can be got rid of through biological understanding of himself. The book is expected to provide a useful reading for students, research workers and academicians of Anthropology, Zoology and Sociology. Besides proving an englightening and refreshing reading to the educated, it may offer a few useful hints to the people in the field of polity. It may be used as a supplementary reading for post-graduate Biology students reducing the gulf between their subject and human affairs.

Dr. K.K. Verma - He taught Zoology for 35 years at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in M.P. Government colleges. He retired from the post of Principal in 1991. He is an entomologist, and has started taking interest in Bioethics in his postretirement life. Dr. Rashmi Saxena - Currently she is an Asstt. Professor of Zoology in the Bhupal Noble's P.G. College, Udaipur. Earlier she taught in M.P. Government Colleges and she worked as a research associate in a post doctoral, UGC sponsored research project.


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