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Leave The Doors Open


ISBN: 817906788
ISBN 817906788
Name of Authors Indu Deve
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 1994
Pages 92
Language English

?Contents Chapter 1. Show USA Indu and Indu to the USA, 2. Is There a Vacant Room, 3. Coffee with Cream or Cream with Coffee, 4. Meeting My Mentor, 5. A Momentous Decision, 6. The Festival of Lights, 7. When Opportunity Knocks at the Door, 8. Introduction to the Soth, 9. A Major Change, 10. Farewell to North, 11. My American Mother, 12. Some Permanent Impressions, 13. The Last Temptation, 14. A Wonderful Acquaintance and the Resultant Wonder, 15. The Seventeen year old Son Story, 16. Two for the Money Show, 17. The Sixty four Thousand Dollar Question, 18. Meeting the Author of Madam Ambassador, 19. Post-Script1


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