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Leave The Doors Open


ISBN: 8185167788
ISBN 8185167788
Name of Authors Indu Deve
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1994
Pages 142
Language English

Contents Chapter Name I. Background of the Book, II. Fulfilling my Obligations and Preliminary Needs, III. To the University, IV. To the University to Start Work, V. To My Other Lady Counsellor Barbara McGrowns Home, VI. Meeting 90 Years Old Genius Mirium, VII The Counselling Arrangement Learning More Principles of Counselling and My First Counselee. VIII. To the Psychoanalytic Section of the University Under Dr. Klopfer, IX. Sail on the OCean Beauty Oronsay from USA to India. X. Land of International Attactions. Singapore My Secound Stop of 3 days, XI. The Land of Colourful Dances, Dramas, Pantomines and Delecious Freshly Extracted Juices and Various Snacks Hawai Islands, XII. Arrival Home, XIII. Back Home, XIV. My First Day in College, XV. Research Scheme for Grant From Ministry of Education Govt. of India, XVI. Meeting with Arvind, XVII. Meeting Ashok at Pilani, XVIII. Farewell to Ashok


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