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Jatropha, Cultivation & Processing Practices


ISBN: 8179061965
ISBN 8179061965
Name of Authors N.S. Rathore, N.L. Panwar, A.k. Kurchania
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2008
Pages 79
Language English

In the scenario of present energy crisis and environmental degradation, bio-diesel may play vital role in conserving petroleum energy and reducing greenhouse gases, thus may be helpful in protection of environment and global warming. The present book provides informaton's on cultivation of Jatropha, which can be grown abundantly in large-scale on wastelands, it's harvesting operations. It uncludes information about the climatic conditions, soil, fertilizers and other requirement for optimum growth and survival of Jatropha plants in barren and wasteland. The post harvesting operations including processing of Jatropha with its value addition and economics of plantation have also been included in this bool. This book provides present state of art of technology of bio-diesel production, its emission and techno-economic evaluation int he present context.


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