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Irrigation, Agriculture And Social Development


ISBN: 8186231363
ISBN 8186231363
Name of Authors Rakesh Hooja, R.C.Bower, S.N. Mundra
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1997
Pages 224
Language English

Contents Acknowledgements Introduction Chapter 1. Irrigation Projects in India a social Development Network, Chapter 2. Cad Approach to water Management Driven Development Reflections Occasioned by ODI Irrigation Management Network, Chapter 3. Farmers Involvement in Water Management an International Review of Factors Affecting Project Sucessd Chapter 4. Women and Irrigated Agriculture, Chapter 5. Theoreticla Foundations for Determining the Impact of a Project on the Status of Women, Chapter 6. Stmulating Village Leadership for Sustained Development, Chapter 7. Problems and prospects of Water Users, Association in Jhakham Irrigation Project, 8. Chapter Through Adaptive Research in the Jakham Irrigation Project, Chapter 9. Farmers Perception About water, Managemetn in Tribal belt of Rajasthan the Som Kagdar Project, Chapter 10. Impact of IGNP on the Quality of Life of the Villagers, Chapter 11. Settler Motivation Efforts and Perceptions of Lower Level Functionaries in Cad Ignp, Chapter 12. Planning and Implementation Strategies for Rajasthan Agricultureal Drainage Research Project in India, Chapter 13. Impact of Canal Irrigation on Income Consumption Behaviour of Farm Families in Ganganagar District of Rajasthan, Chapter 14. Impact of Change in Cropping Pattern on the Status of Women in the Hadoti Region, Chapter 15. An Approach to Involve Farmers in Management of Public Irrication Systems, Chapter 16. Encouraging Farmers Participation in Management Operation and Maintenance of Irtrigation Systems in the State of Rajasthan, Chapter 17. Participation Irrigation Management Experiences, Problems and Suggestions, Chapter 18. Performance Testing of Canal Systems Prior to Handing over to Water Users Associations, Chapter 19. Public Participation An Iterative Process, Chapter 20. Appropriate Mass Communication for Transfer of Technology in Rural India, Chapter 21. Water Resource Development and Water Conservation Strategy in India, List of Contributors, Index


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