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Glimpses Of Indian Tribes


ISBN: 9788179062968
ISBN 9788179062968
Name of Authors Narendra N.Vyas
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2012
Pages 187
Language English

The Tribes constitute a share of about eight per cent of the country's population and spread over about 1/5 part of the country's land with more than 500 different tribal having special culture traits and indentity. The rituals and cultureal triaits makes life colourful and cheerful along with the representation of richness of their cultural heritage. The cultural heritage differs from areas and social groups. The chain of cultural heritage is very developmental means. Keeling in view the importance of developments of tribals and cultural heritage of tribal groups i.e. ehnography of prominant tribal group viz. Bhil, Mina, Garisia, Damor, Saharia is along with minor tribal groups viz. Kathodi, Dhanka and Patelia have been discussed in details in this volume. The volume is divided into ten chapter. In first chapter we have discussed throughly the development policy of central govt. with special criticals of tribals area along with Rajasthan state features are also discussed in details. Keeing in view the importance of demography, four decates population of S.T. along with tribal population is also discussed. From second to ninth chapter ethography of major and minor tribal grouphave been discussed in details, In the last chapter we have discussed the emerging trend of tribal scenario. In this volume we have also suggested a model for future repid development of tribals.


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