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Flora Of Rajasthan (South & South-East Region)


ISBN: 8179061574
ISBN 8179061574
Name of Authors YD Tiagi, NC Aery
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2007
Pages 725
Language English

Though the north-western part of the state which included the desert part has been thorughly studied floristically , its south and south-eastern part has remained neglected and except for a few stray reports, no systematric work on the floristics of this comparatively moist and floristically rich part of the state has ever been attempted before. The treatise includes a systematics and up to date presentation of 1378 plant species (including cultivated as well as ornamental) covering 126 families growing in this part of Rajasthan (Mewar region) In the introductory chapter physiognomy, geology, surface configurations, the grainage system, soils, climate, rainfall, temparature and relative humidity of the study area has been describe. Natural vegetation of Rajasthan as existed during the mid sixties and its classification has been provided. Some Characteistic Association such as Flora of Ancient Monu,ents and Walls, Lithophytes, Weeds, Flora of Wastelands, Aquatic Vegetation, specialized Angiosperms, Cultivated Plants, Ornamentals, are, Vulnerable and Endangered Plants, Exotic Plants and Sancturies Have been describe. Plan of Preparation of the Flora, Abbreviations used and taxonomic terminology have been provide for the easy comprehension of the subjects. The system of Bentham and Hooker has been followed except at certain places, wgere the circumstances of the families follows that of Hutchinson's ""Families of Flowering Plants"". Critical notes on the controversial taxa have been provided. Attempts have been made to give a common doagnostic identification key for wid as well as cultivated plants. The treatise also contains illustrations of some important plants as well as distributional maps of the plant communities and geographical maps of the area. It is hoped that the volume will be useful to the persons working in the field of Taxonomy, Floeistic, Agriculture, Foresty and Ethnobotany.


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