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Forest Food Of Tribals


ISBN: 8179061191
ISBN 8179061191
Name of Authors Ambika Nag
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2006
Pages 290
Language English

Forest Food of Tribals presents an insight about various forest-based foods of Tribals, especially of Rajasthan. It also presents a panoramic view of ethnic dietetics of various tribals like Bhil, Mina, Kathodi, Garasia etc. This book highlights various food plants, food habits of natives, nutritive values of various foods and medication through food. Chemical makes this book valuable. Book is well illustrated and makes field identification of plants easy. Both scientific and local nomenclature make identification further easy. Language is easy to understand. Indexing id extensive and useful to refer things quickly. Every sect of society viz. Botanists, Environmentallists, Agriculturists, Horticulturists, Biochemists, Food scientists and Technologists Forest Departments, Tribal Research and Development Department, National and International Educational Institutional and all those concerned with applied and medicinal aspects related to plant foods may be benefitted by this treatise.

Dr. Ambika Bag is Research Associate in a DSIR sponsored project on Ethnoveterinary medicines under Dr. S.S. Katewa, Associate Professor, Department of Botany, College of Science, MohanLal Sukhadia University, Udaipur. She has been associated with teaching and research for last 10 years. She post graduated from MLSU, Udaipur in 1995 with specialization in Plant Pathology and Microbiology. She obtained her doctoral degree in 1999 and was awarded doctoral fellowship by Ministry of Tribal Welfare, Govt. of India. Her Ph.D. work is being published in the form of this book with a publication grant from MLV Tribal Research Institute, Udaipur. She has published research papers and popular articles on Ethnobotany in various national and international journals.


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