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ISBN: 9788179064566
ISBN 9788179064566
Name of Authors Madhav Nagda
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2015
Pages 127
Language English

I felt myself proud when Sh. Madhav Nagda, a well know figure of letters, asked me to translate his hindi book title "Aag" consiste Mini Stories, into English. I regard him my guide, leading me to write Hindi Stories correctly and effectively. Still he shows me right way. The mini stories relate, common man facing burning problems, socially, morally, politically, officially, communally, ethically atc. into his shining perceptions with iromical appropriate words. They are viividly vast and are indicated into skilful selected words as an acean into a pitcher. Fire (Flames), Active address, Sniffing dogs, Riot, Charitable, Ailment and Treatment, Intelligence, Great men, Today'snhonest etc. are a few precedents from the book. I got my endeavour successful and i became very delighted. I kept in mind linguistic proficency level of average reader. I hope. the reader, going through the stories, will find emotions, fellingd and percption of original stories and the book will be proved a fruitful presentation.

Shri Madhav Nagda Born on 20th December, 1951 at Lal Madri, a little village of Nathwara, a renowned personage of letter, Shri Madhav Nagda is M.Sc. In Chemistry. Though he has been writing short stories, but he has worked a lot in mini stories also. Dr. Ashok Bhatia (Karnal) has named him "One of the 21 most prominent mini stories writers of Inida." His four story collection and two mini story collection have been published in Hindi. One volume (book) in mode of Diary has also been published. The first story collection titled 'USKA DARD' was awardes "Sumnesh Joshi Puruskar" by Rajasthan Sahitya Academy. Besides his three books have been translated and published in Marathi.


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