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Evaluation Of Job Satisfaction & Individual’S Stress Level


ISBN: 9788179063972
ISBN 9788179063972
Name of Authors Kanthalia
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2014
Pages 70
Language English

In an era od highly dynamic and competitive world, the pressures resulting from change in government policies and presence of private sector bank are likely to be intensified. The expansion of private banking business, along with customized services, has created a sever implide competition in this sector. This leads to drastic changes in work environment and most of the time change result in dissatisfactin and stress among employees. This scenario has created an urge t o the bank policy makers to identify the underlying resons and brought them into consideration the issues of jobs satisfaction and stress. Therefore, bankers are under a great deal of stress and due to many antecedents of stress such as overload, role ambiguity, role conflict, responsibility for people, participation, lack of feedback, keeping up with rapid technological change, being in an innovative role, career development, organizational structure and climate, and recent episodic events. One of the affected outcome of stress is on job satisfacton anf job performance. It has been future envisaged that managers in banking sector play the key role in manipulating their services through implementing policy that has appeal to their customers. In such situation, job satisfaction and stress of bank manager become an important issues that has to be taken care of in order to achieve ultimate goals of the banking sector in India. Thus, the groeing importance of interventional strategies is felt more at organizational level. In this context, the need was felt to Evaluate Job Stisfaction and Individual's stress Level in Banking sector.

Dr. Shilpa, Assistant Professor - Faculty of Management Studies (FMS), JRNRV University, Udaipur, got the degree of Master in Business Administration in 2004 from Institute of Management Studies as a Gold Medalist. She had completed Doctorate in Management Studies in 2007. She is associated in the field of academics since 2004 and has vast experience of delivering lectures on various subject mainly, HRM, Research Methodology and Business Legislation at both national and international level. She attended conferences and seminars whereby published/ presented various articles ar national and international level. She is also associated with various Organisations and NGO'S for developing skills of young graduates.


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