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Communication Skills (Theory & Practical)


ISBN: 9788179069080
ISBN 9788179069080
Name of Authors Prof. Anju Goyal, Prof. Gunjan Jadon, Princy Agarwal
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2021
Pages 277

Communication skills are widely recognized as critical for business professionals. Our work and our lives do not simply happen; they occur because of our interactions with people. Whether we write, talk or listen, the way we do our work is influenced by our communication with others and by work itself. Some people may assume that communication is easy and that studying the concept is a waste of time. After all, if we can read and write, it means we can communicate. Communication is more than just reading and writing. It is about choosing the right message, about the presentation and about the context. It is also about knowing when to be assertive and persuasive at the right times. Communications skills are the bridge between pharmacists and the patient. Health communication can contribute to all aspects of diseases prevention and health promotion. To become successful pharmacists, you need to have excellent communication skills to serve customers. Pharmacy students are taught the importance of communication skills throughout their training. When students visualize a career as a pharmacist, it is easy to see why communication is important: if pharmacists advise patients at a retail pharmacy; work with other health professionals in a hospital or present a business plan in a hospital, it is important to effectively share message with others. But there is another equally important form of communication for pharmacy students which is ‘writing’. While writing may less popular than math and science among people who often pursue a career in pharmacy, it is an essential skill for success in any field of pharmacy. It is crucial that pharmacy schools focus on developing writing skills when they grow future pharmacists.

Dr. Anju Goyal is currently working as a Professor and Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance at Bhupal Noble’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Rajasthan. She has completed her Graduation and Post-Graduation (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) from S.G.S.I.T.S., Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore in 1995 and 1997 respectively and also holds the Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education. She has obtained her Ph.D. on topic entitled “Methods development and Validation for estimation of Drug from Single and Multicomponent Formulation by UV and HPLC Methods” from Mohan Lal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan in 2007. She is the Vice President of APP Rajasthan state branch, Co-ordinator of women APTI State branch, and Zonal Co-ordinator of IPGA Women forum. She has 24 years of teaching experience. She has more than 120 Research and Review Papers in various National and International Journals indexed in Elsevier, Scopus and so on. 9Ph.D. and 32 M. Pharm. Student have been benefited from her guidance. She has been an awarded several Grants from Department of Science and technology as a Principal investigator. She has been an author to three multi – disciplinary books. She is also a chief Editor of International Journal of Pharmaceutical Erudition (ISSN 2249-3875) and Editorial Board Member, Advisory Board Member and a Peer reviewer for many International Journals. She has conducted a number of Workshops, Seminars and Conference as a Co-ordinator and is a well-known critic and Scientific Evaluator among the Panels for evaluations of various Academic activities. She has been awarded with various honours including the “Best Teacher Award” and “Best Researcher Award” Dr. Gunjan Jadon holds degree of M. Pharm (P’Chemistry), Ph.D., LLB, PDCR, PCPV, OCTT. She is working as a Professor in Shrinathji Institute of Pharmacy, Nathdwara Since 2011 and Working as Editor-In-Chief at IJARPB. She has been awarded with Shikashak shri Awarded on “Teachers Day” By Ino-Nepal Samrasta; Best appreciation awarded 2019 11th Indi-Malaysian Conference By AAP-SIP Collaboration LACPR-2019; Best Teacher Awarded in International Conference “CRPTS” By APP; Awarded For Appreciation, 2017 in International Conference on “Modern Trends in Pharmaceutical Education and Research” Sponsores by APP, Organised by IPCPR, Dharmaj (GJ); Awarded for Appreciation Work in Pharmacy Profession, 2017 by BNCP, Udaipur; Best Research Poster Award on 6th Annual Convention of APP Organised by Alwar College of Pharmacy etc. She got First and Third Position in Postor presentation in Various National Seminar in different States. She was invited as Evaluator in Various National Seminar. She has been working on many research projects at college level and she got Grants DST Seminar in SIP, Nathdwara: (40,000rs) as a Sub-Coordinator and DST Seminar in SIP, Nathdwara: (40,000rs) as a Sub-Coordinator. She has published 13 books with different publishers. She has attended 54 Seminar with poster presentation. She has published 44 review and research article in reputed journals. She got a research grant (50000rs) on hydrazine – hydrate by APP. She organizes International conferences and National Conferences, Industrial visits in her college. She is actively working as International (CASPINROP Phase- Germany, France, Canada etc.) keynote speaker in various subject. Ms. Princy Agarwal is a Ph.D. Scholar currently working as an Assistant Professor in U.S. Ostwal Institute of Pharmacy, Chittorgarh. Her recent achievement includes her role as a Reviewer of Monograph on Triphala (Three fruits) published by American Herbal Pharmacopoeia and Therapeutic Compendium, USA in 2020. She is a gold medalist and obtained her B. Pharm and M.Pharm (Quality Assurance) with distinction from Bhupal Noble’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Science, Udaipur and also qualified GPAT (2016) with AIR 1295. She has been awarded with various awarded for her academic excellence and received various Scholarships including GPAT. She has published more than 11 research and review papers peer reviewed good impact journals of National and International repute including International Journals of Applied Pharmaceutics, BJSTR, Global Journal of Medical Research: Betc. She has been awarded with APP best Research Scholar Award.


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