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Collaborative Learning And Cognitive Processing System

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ISBN: 9788179069110
ISBN 9788179069110
Name of Authors Dr. Kumud Purohit
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2021
Pages 203

The current scenario poses new challenges before us in the form of pandemic which requires multidisciplinary approach and collaborative efforts to think for creative solutions. The valued skills in future will be of cooperation, collaboration and higher order cognition rather than competition and cramming. It thus becomes imperative to develop higher order thinking skills among the future generation, so that it can process new information and apply it. This book presents a study which suggests that collaborative Learning could be utilized as a pedagogy method to develop Cognitive Processing system among adolescents. Cognitive Processing system is an input-process-output system, through which an individual gathers information through the senses, processes upon it and gives the output in the form of conclusions to act upon. Components like Memory, Comprehension, Analysis, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Logical Thinking, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Planning, Decision making and Insight are included in the Cognitive Processing System. Cognitive Processing System develops better through interaction with others; Collaborative learning pedagogy provides us an opportunity to engage students in different interaction activities. This research study provides insights to teachers and teacher educators to practice Collaborative learning to develop Cognitive Processing System in their classrooms.

Dr. Kumud Purohit has been working in the field of Teacher Education since 2009. She is M.Sc. (Zoology), M.Ed., NET (Education). Ph.D. (Education). She secured University Gold Medal in the year 2007 for B.Ed. and in 2008 for M.Ed. She is teaching B.Ed., M.Ed. and four year Integrated B.Sc., B.Ed. and B.A., B.Ed. classes. She functioned as a Master Trainer in the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Training organized by the Rajasthan Government for the Government teachers in 2011. She has also functional as the resource person in In-service training programs and workshops organized for school lecturers and Headmasters by Extension Department of Vidya Bhawan G S Teachers’ College. She was also a resource person in the NIOS-D. El.Ed. training for the untrained In-service teachers organized by Vidhya Bhawan Gandhian Institute of Educational Studies. She functioned as a resource person in MGNCRE, MHRD, GOI, Workshop and in NCERT Teacher Program on Vocational Pedagogy for Vocational teachers organized at SCERT, Udaipur by PSS Central Institute of Vocational Education, Bhopal and Faculty of Education. She has experience of organizing and moderating various workshops and webinars. She has presented several papers in national and international conference. Currently at Department of Education, MLSU.

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