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Biomass Production & Utilization Technology


ISBN: 8179061396
ISBN 8179061396
Name of Authors N.S.Rathore, N.L Panwar,Surendra kothari
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2007
Pages 132
Language English

This book is comprehensive conection of basic & fundamental of biomass production, utilization & management for energy availability. It describes the design of various thermo chemical gadgets, their construction and performance evaluation such as biomass gasifier, improved cook stoves etc. energy addition method like Densification and Carbonisation of biomass has also been included for scientist, research worker and students.

Dr. N.S. Rathore is working as Dean, College of Dairy and Food Science Technology and Professor, Department of Renewable Energy Sources, Maharana Pratap, University of Agriculture and Technology, Udaipur. He did M. Tech in Energy Studies from I.I.T., Delhi and Ph.D. from Rajasthan Agricultural University, Bikaner. He has contributed more than 98 tehnical papers and 23 books on various aspects of Renewable Energy, Environment and Agricultural Engineering. He has undertaken 18 research projects and organized 18 international trainings, seminars, workshops and conferences and 12 ISTE sponsored summer schools. There are 91 reports, proceeding and popular articles to his credit. He was jonoured by the Indian Society of Agricultural Engineering and other government and private organizations. Er. N.L. Panwar is working as Assistant Professor, Department of Renewable Energy Sources, College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur. He did M.Tech with specilization in Renewable Energy Engineering. Er. Panwar is also working as Research Engineer in the AICRP on Renewable Energy Sources (Thermo Chemical Conversion Technology). He has contributed more than 15 technical papers on Renewable Energy aspect. Dr. Surendra Kothari is working as Associate Professor, Department of reneable Energy Sources, College of Technology and Engineering, Udaipur. He received his Ph.D. in Energy Studies from I.I.T., New Delhi after completion of Masters degree from same institute. He has 28 research paper published in National and Internationa Journals, Proceedings etc.. He has undertaken two 1CAR SPONSORED RESEARCH projects on protected cultivation in green house.


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