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Bedside Clinics In Surgery


ISBN: 8185167370
ISBN 8185167370
Name of Authors A S Gupta , A K Pendse
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1991
Pages 301
Language English

The need for the "Bedside Clinics in Surgery" was suggested by students some years ago, who wanted a book in the question and answer style creating an atmosphere that they face during the clinical, practical and viva voice examination at the final MBBS and the postgraduate level. A Book of this format could certainly help the students to revise & remember the facts in Surgery so that they are able to answer both subjective as well as multiple choice questions quickly. Most of the problems which the undergraduates and the postgraduates usually encounter at their clinical and Viva voice examinations in General Surgery have been effectively dealt with in an updated and improved version of the previous edition of this book by the two experienced and senior teachers in Surgery. The book should not be considered, and is not intended, as short cut to success. It is recommended to be used in conjunction with a standard textbook of surgery.


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