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Aquatic Weeds Problems Control & Management


ISBN: 8179060217
ISBN 8179060217
Name of Authors S.M.Mathur, A.N. Mathur, Y.C Bhatt, R.K. Trivedi, Pramod Mohnot
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2005
Pages 304
Language English

Aquatic Weeds: Problems, control and Management fills a long felt gap in this field. Aquatic weeds have been considered a menace for optimum utilizaton of our water resources for decades and we are directly or indirectly resposible for huge economic losses. Some of the invaive species like water hyacinth have devastated a number of research group in India are working on problems created by aquatic weeds; their control and more recently on their utilization in pollution control and resources recovery. The book, first of its kind in the country presents thirty three articles, research papers and review from well known scientists of this field and encompasses almost all the facets of this area. It deals with a large number of aquatic weeds, prominently water hyacinth; problems created by water hyacinth in various parts of India, its mechanical and biological control, its utilization in pollution control, fodder, fuel, biogas generation, paoer and pulp, composting and various other uses. Many papers deals with Indian research on mechanical harvesting & chopping of water hyacinth. For other aquatic weeds the topics covered are: management of invasive aquatic weeds, Alleopathy; biological control and their utilization. The book will provide precious information and serve as a reference material for researchers, practicing engineers,managers and professionlas working on all aspects of aquatic weeds.


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