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Agriculture & Rural Development (Cost Benefit Analysis)


ISBN: 11860
ISBN 11860
Name of Authors Paras Jain
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2008
Pages 132
Language English

Indian agriculture is most backward, but most important sector of Indian economy. Therefore it is necessary to develop agriculture along with the development of other sectors. A progressive and sound agriculture can built up only by transferring it from traditional pattern to modern one where it can make full used of the developments in the field of sciemce and technology. In this book, Author has discudded in detail to review the rural development programmes so far implement in Rajasthan specially in TSP regions with a view to identity the factors responsible for their failure or limited success.

Dr. Paras Jain, M.A. Economics and Ph.D. is an eminent scholar having more than 10 years teaching experience to U.G., P.G. and M.Phil classes. At present he is serving as Assistant Professor, Department of Economics Vidhyapeeth University, Udaipur. He has presented a number of papers in national and international seminars and a number of articles have been published in several Journals books.


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