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Work-Life Balance Of Employees


ISBN: 9788179066171
ISBN 9788179066171
Name of Authors Veena Dwivedi
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2016
Pages 85
Language English

Work/life balance: is it an impossible dreams? Most employees strive for it, so how can we as employers help employees to achieve better works/life balance without sacrifice productivity and without busting the budget? Here are several ways employers can help employees achieve that ever - elusive goal of work/life balance. Consider: Allowing work from home, Restricting hours worked. Focusing on outcomes, not hours worked. Looking deeper at workplace culture, Promoting breaks in the work day, allowing vacation time policies., Providing childcare benefits. Offering maternity/paternity leave to new parents. Getting input from employees: ask them what other benefits may be useful., Providing help to employees to get everyday tasks done. Employers could even offer a discount in some cases. This reduces total stress and allows more leisure time at home. Examples of perks that could be either on - site or discounted include: * Laundry facilities and Dry cleaning * Coffee/Soda/ tea/juice at work or discounted coffee shop or convenience store. * Free lunches * Gym and / or fitness classes * Auto repairs and maintenance * Massage/ spa * Tax preparation services * Catering for personal events * Gift - wrapping services * Concierge service that coordinates other miscellaneous needs for employees * Other welfare services. The monograph will give clear dimensions to employers and employees of different sectors. This will be useful for all the sectors employers such as Academicians, NGOs, companies and factories and other public sectors, Researchers and students.

Dr. Veena Dwivwdi, presently working in Udaipur School work Senior Asstt. Prof. extra responsibility handling as a NSS Programme officer & coordinaator Research, I have a rich 29th years work experience (14 yrs teaching and 15th years experience to work with NGOs, GOs and company professionaly my qualification id BSC, MA in social work and Ph.D. with specialization of family and child welfare. Dr. Veena Dwivedi semior Asstt. Prof. in udaipur School of Social work, JRNRVU, Rajasthan have a more than 30 years experience, to work in Development sector and well as 14 yrs experience a an academicians. She has been wrote two monographs, 07 Text and reference Books published by National and International publishers and many articles in book also published. Dr. Veena awarded by Rotary Clubs of Udaipur Mew ad and Pacific Collage and Patrika in District level Teachers Award cermonmony, and best social worker awards by, Mahila Morch, BJP, Jaipur, she also get Award as a best NSS Programme officer fot her better extensive and innovation. In her present 14 years Academic experience, she completed 18th research papers, 7th books, 21 articles in ISSN, ISBN, no. book published by Natinal and International publisher. Dr. Veena presented 58 papers in Regional, National and International Seminars, Workshops and Symposium. In University she associated with lot of extension wctivities and local and National level NGOs anf its extension activities such as Lions Internatonal, National Social Services etc. She has been organized many extension activities such as plantation, women empowerment campus, literacy classes and environmental sanitation related activities in Rural areas.


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