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Tribals Under The Shadow of Indian Constitution


ISBN: 8186231129
ISBN 8186231129
Name of Authors N.N. Vyas
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1995
Pages 90
Language English

The Scheduled tribes have been granted certain safeties and securities under the constitution. They are given certain community and individual benefits under various schemes. The author in this argues the operational or implementation provisions. The present study examines the impact of safeties and securities contained in the 5th Schedule of the constitution. For the empirical part of the (Tribal) Subplan are of Rajasthan. His focus of inquiry are the Bhills who constitute a dominant group in the southern part of the state of Rajasthan. In the context of field data, he discusses certain provisions of constitution which need to be answered if the tribals have to march to the road of development with an accelerated speed.

A well known expert of tribal ethnography of Rajasthan, Dr. N.N. Vyas is the pioneer and former Director, M.L.V. Tribal Research Institute, Udaipur. He has to his credit a number of books and articles, published in journals of repute. He was the founder Editor of 'TRIBE' - a research journal of the Tribal Research Institute. Presently he is Associate Editor of The Encyclopaedia of Indian Tribes.


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