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Technology For Dryland Agriculture


ISBN: 8186231021
ISBN 8186231021
Name of Authors Pratap singh, S.M Mathur , Jaspal singh
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1995
Pages 331
Language English

The book "Technology for Dryland Agriculture" is an outcome of vast experience of academicians, field engineers, researchers and extension workers in the area of Agriciltural Engineering. Presently, Indian agriculture needs new production strategies to meet the country's food requirement during coming years. The HYV-fertiliser-irrigation technology has reached a plateau in its potential. For future growth in this sector we will have to look to new tehnologies of crop production that are cost efficient as well as mmore in conformity with "natural climatic order" Ours is largely rainfred and dryland agriculture and it is bound to remain so in the forceseable future. The problem of today is to achieve a decisive breakthrough in raising productivity of land and labour in dryland farming and ensure higher productivity. In brief the book encompasses the whole gamut of technology for dryland agriculture. This book may be equally useful to engineers, agronomist, social scientists, farm economists, command area development administrators and planners in the country.


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