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Technological Advancements In Mining Industry


ISBN: 9788179062074
ISBN 9788179062074
Name of Authors S.S.Rathore, S.C. Jain
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2009
Pages 240
Language English

In the modern, human needs are many and are increasing in diversity day by day. Ores and minerals play a predominant role in meeting these needs. With accelerated national development, it is paramount to augment mineral production. As of now, India produces 86 major and monor mineral. These minerals are depleting assets and are location specific, therefore, it is desirable that proper exploitation, rational utilization and conservation of these resoueces be accorded due importance. Dynamics of demand and pricing of minerals, metals and cool are making huge impact on operating mines in their expansion and diversification as well as opening of new projects. In this context state of art technology would be needed. Minning technology includes machinery and as advanced system of drilling, rock-cutting, loading and hauling equipment. Miners are up scalling their production capacities and all of them would need cuting-edge technology with application of latest software methods, automation and robotics. With adoption of mass scale production and reducing cost of mineral produced and increasing the profitability of mining operation. In India, deeper deposits of coal and lignite are not mineable but the technology such as underground coal gasification has been proven at pilot plant stage in India as well as overseas will be very useful to meet out the energy demand of the country. India is one of the countries, where the present level of energy consumption as compared to world standard is very low. India has research a level of energy consumption as compared to world standard is very low. India has research a level of about 612 KWH per head per year. Comparative figure of Japan are about 7800, South Korea 7000, China 1380 and USA 13000 KWH. Thus, to become the development nation, mineral production has to be increased by adopting advanced technology.


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