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Symmetry And Group Theory: Some Chemical Applications


ISBN: 8186231412
ISBN 8186231412
Name of Authors Rama Shanker, Suresh Ameta
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2015
Pages 205
Language English
University MLSU
Branch Science
Stream M.Sc.

Inspite of the fact that there is a desire among chemist to learn the intricacies of the group theory and its applications, a few of them could learn it. It is all because, the Group Theory is considered a difficult subject as it desperately requires a mathematical background and the sixth sense of imagination. An effort has been made here to minimize the mathematical part. The book starts with a simple background of Symmetry Elements, Group Theory, Matrix Algebra etc. and then it is development to give some chemical application like d-Block Elements, Term Symbols, Hybridisation, Symmetry Adapted Linear Combinations (SALC's), Delocalisation Energy, Sandwich Compounds, Molecular Vibrations etc. This book is equally useful to a beginner and to an experienced worker. A novelty of the book is the use of operators instead of symmetry elements.


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