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Stochastic Hydrology For Use In Agriculture


ISBN: 8179061183
ISBN 8179061183
Name of Authors Arun Sharma, P.K. Dashora, S.M. Narulkar, S.P.Bhakar, Mashes kothari
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2008
Pages 183
Language English

This book is an application of the mathematical and statistical treatment of hydrology and water resource systems. Rainfall and runoff is a random process; the appropriate word for this is stochastic. The natural hydrologic systems are so complex that no exact laws have yet been discovered that can explain completely and precisely the natural hydrologic phenomena. The word "Stochastic" means according to its Greek origin, skillful in aiming. Current water resources development requires the best procedures for the evaluation, prediction and control of water resources. The evolution of the specialized field called "stochastic hydrology" is the art of that in our judging and acting we may choose to follow the best, the safest, the surest or the most soul - searching way. The planning, development and management of water resource on a sustainable basis is possible by understanding based on historical data with the help of statistical and mathematical modelling. The basic aim of stochastic modelling is to predict future hydrologic parameters on the basis of past observations which will be of great significance in the planning, designing and utilization of surface and rainwater resources on regional basis. The book "Stochastic Hydrology for Use in Agriculture ", the first of its kind incorporates critical articles on various facets of utilizing hydrologic inputs for planning and management strategies of agriculture, river inflow, reservoir regulation, watershed hydrologic planning and management, crop planning in aberrant weather condition, stochastic modelling for predicting river inflow and real - time reservoir operation, rainfall prediction, markov chains and its use in agricultural of artical neura; netwoork for hydrologic modelling, stochastic modelling of agricultural drought, stochastic optimization modelling for crop planning in a command area, finite element and system dynamics modelling.


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