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Practical Manual Introductory Biochemistry


ISBN: 9788179066744
ISBN 9788179066744
Name of Authors Dr. S.K. Khandelwal , Dr. Ajay Sharma , Dr. Devendra Jain Dr. Vimal Sharma , Dr. Arunabh Joshi
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2018
Pages 90
Language English

Biochemistry is a subject based on laboratory performances that evaluate and verify the presence as well amount of biomolecular assenblies, be it a cytoplasmic pool of amino acids in a semi - aqueous extract or sbtle, coiled deoxyribosenucleic acid (DNA) macromolecular spool in an alcoholic medium! students can learn about the structure and functon many such biomolecular through physico - chemical? models [analyses that reveal structures] and their reactivities in an aqueous, acidic or alkaline medium [metabolic performance] respectively. In this course on introductory Biochemistry, students will learn and understand how plant material from different sources e.g. seeds, roots, shoots - parts, leaves, in vitro raised explain - derived tissues or callus masses, etc. could be extracted and processed for further analysis. They will also learn to perform assays where classes of molecules like amino acids and proteins , mono , oligo and poly saccharidas, oils and fats (lipids) as well as other metabolites form coloured products that could be detected by qualitative tests and or be quantitatively estimated, employing the standardized procedure that employ precision instruments like the pH-meter, centrifuge and spectrophotometer. While half the practical course syllabus covers identifying tests and content as well as activity estimations of the proximate nutrients, viz., carbohydrates. amino acids and proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, enzymes, plant pigments etc, rest half of it is dedicated to biochemical techniques, especially macromolecular separation and characterization (e.g., chromatography and electrophoresis), apart from learning about the principles and functioning of basic instruments? stated above. This Manual is an attempt to impart the basic training so as to enable students experience ways to perform biochemical experiments. We sincerely? hope that this manual will serve as a handy work - book for the graduating students, helping them understand most of the theoretical as pects of bio molecular structure and function while doing exercises in the biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories of the department.


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