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Personality Factors And Learning Environments


ISBN: 8185167273
ISBN 8185167273
Name of Authors J.S.Malik
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1991
Pages 237
Language English

The pioneering work is perhaps the first systematic work in India on studying personality factors and learning environments of successful science teachers as perceived by them and their students by using Environmental Scales. It is the report of research projects accepts for the award of Ph.D. degree by Sukhadia University, Udaipur in 1984 Identification of successful science teachers and studying their personality factors paves the way for the development of needed personality factors among perspective teachers. Knowledge of learning environments for inservice and prospective teachers in their respective classroom. The book gets added attraction due to use of factor Analysis by varimax and equimax? rotation to find out pattern associated with science teaching. This book provides an overview of research in the areas of teacher effectiveness, classroom learning environments and personality factors of teachers. The book provides an insight into the sets of relationship along with implications for educational practice. The book presents the whole findings in such a coherent way that readers will feel encouraged to undertake further research in the area. It will help the young researchers to plan and execute research work on the development of classroom management skills necessary for successful teaching.


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