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Non Conventional Energy Sources


ISBN: 9788179061657
ISBN 9788179061657
Name of Authors N.S. Rathore, N.L. Panwar
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2009
Pages 118
Language English

Energy is a critical input for economic growth, social development and human welfare. Indeed, a direct correlation exists between the level of economic development and the consumption of energy. The book provides information about the energy flow pattern in growing different crops. The book is divided in six chapter, Chapter 1 provides an overview of agriclulture in Rajasthan. The classification of agro climatic zone and average rainfall has also discussed in this chapter. Chapter 2 provides information regarding the source of energy available for agriculture production. The potential of renewable energy sources like wind and surples biomass available is also discussed. The statical crop production in the state is discussed in Chapter 3. The operation wise energy requirement, energy available and its deficiency for particular crop is discussed in chapter 4. The need of energy conservation in different agricultural operation is discussed in chapter 5. Energy consrvation tips for household and farms are also given in this chapter. The chapter 6 discusses energy conservation opportunities & frame work required for post harvest technology & value addition. This book provides concrete solution to researchers, growers and students who work in the field of energy conservation in agriculture.


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