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Manufacturing Technologies & Challenges Ahead


ISBN: 9788179062869
ISBN 9788179062869
Name of Authors B.P.Nandwana , S.Jindal, M.A. Saloda, M.S. Khidiya, B.L.Salvi
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2011
Pages 157
Language English

Many analysts belive that by 2020, all of the BRIC countries should be in the top 10 largest economies of the world and China may dominate in manufactured goods, India in services, and Russia and Brazil in raw materials supplies. To become world superpower, the India has to have a strong manufacturing capability. It cannot restrict itself to be only agricultural or services economy. This becomes especially important if India has to have self reliance in defense and high-tech equipments sector. India has a strong potential for becoming world manufacturing hub. In recognition of this, the government has set up Delhi-Mumbai Industrials Corridor or DMIC. The present decade 2011 - 20 is full of many technological challenges in the field of manufacturing. While the traditional manufacturing processis have to be matured and optimized; newer manufacturing methods and technologies like micro machining, nano-technology, etc. are emerging and becoming important. Manufacturing of product with newer materials being developed calls for additional challenges. The computer applications in manufacturing, be in the forms of CAM, CIM, etc. or in the form of computer simulation of processes, quality control, etc. is going to be wide spreed. Not only we should be technologically competent, but the manufacturing must be economically and quality wise competitive. Concepts like Lean manufacturing, nett shape manufacturing, Six-Sigma, etc. are important in this respect. The production planning and control of manufacturing processes is also important for efficient or engineers in the Industry- must be sensitized about this. Keeping this in mind an All India Seminar was planned to provide a forum to academia and industry to discuss all these issues. The seminar received very good response from all quarters and a large number of abstracts were contributed. After review about 26 full length papers have been selected.


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