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Integrated Pest Management In Irrigated Agriculture


ISBN: 8186231307
ISBN 8186231307
Name of Authors S.N.Mundra
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1998
Pages 282
Language English

Integrated Pest Management IPM is a sustainable pest management strategy that seeks to prevent unacceptable high crop losses deue to pest damaged without causing major perturbation to the agro-ecosystem. The book on "Integrated Pest Management in Irrigation Agriculture" has atempted broad principles of integrating management program being adopted in the Chambal Command Area in Rajasthan. This book is a outgrowth of Chamble experience of TPM dovetailed with lectures presented by many academians, researchers and field practitioners of leading institutes of the country. This book will provide field experience om IPM to all those researchers, policy makers, extension functionaries & farmers who are dedicated to IPM methodology. This book will also be useful as a teaching and reference sources to the students and trainers in field of IPM.


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