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Indian Banking System


ISBN: 9788179062043
ISBN 9788179062043
Name of Authors Mukesh Mathur
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2010
Pages 309
Language English

The Indian Banking System is currently undergoing a process of diversification. Banking today is not what it was some years back. The basic purpose of the banks today is to multiply profits through an array of services like insurance, mutual fund, wealth management etc. to customers. The blurring of product boundaries and new technologies has brought in enormous opportunities in the banking sector. This book is intended to be an introduction to the Indian banking and touches an almost every aspect, from the Indian banking system to contemporary issues and developments in the industry. Many Indian Universities have introduced "Indian Banking System" as a paper in the Curriculum of commerce and management courses at the under graduates and Post graduate levels. This book meets the requirements of the subjects in all its angles and intends to serve the requirements of students who would like to make a career in banking. The topics included in this book are: *The evolution of banking *Commerical banking * Central banking * Co-operative banking * Rural banking * Development banking * Merchant banking * Innovative trends in Indian Banking.


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