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Homogeneity To Heterogeneity


ISBN: 9788179061879
ISBN 9788179061879
Name of Authors Madhusudan Trivedi
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2007
Pages 169
Language English

The major concern of this book is to find out the growing stratification among the tribal Bhils. After independence, the safeties and securitiess granted by the constitution and the implementation of development programmes. At family and at regional level, elevated their socio-economic statues. This resulted into the emergence of middle class among them. Thus the new social formation is a result of attaunment of education, entry into government jobs. acceptance of entrepreneurial practices. etc. There is a vigorous class formation among the tribals, particularly urbanites. The Emergency of elites and rich in tribal community is largely due to the new factors which have come in operation.

Madhusudan Trivedi was a Professor in Sociology and Head of the Department of sociology, Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidhyapeeth for 23 years from 1983 to 2006. He was atively involved in teaching, research and consultancy. He completed many projects sponsored by UGC, ICSSR, Tribal Development Department and many other agencies. He is a life member of many regional, national and international sociological associations. Now he is associated with many organizations and universities.


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