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History Of Famines In Rajputana


ISBN: 8185167001
ISBN 8185167001
Name of Authors Kamala Maloo
Book Type Hard Back
Year 1987
Pages 295
Language English

"The History of Famines in Rajasthan" is a research work of Considerable interest and value to the students of history engaged in research in this field and also to general readers who have a sense of concern for human misery and sufering in the wake of calamities; be they natural or manmade. Famine is one such area of concern. Large parts of India, e.g. Rajasthan, have frequently benn the worst victims of this scourage. And through centuries, the twin problem of relief and prevention has always loomed large in the mind of every administration. The book present some kind of a documentary of each major famine in Rajputana during the most critical period (1858 - 1900 A.D.), combining the causes and circu,stances leading to its occurrence, the extent of demage and suffering and the relief measures taken. Besides, a survey of the famine policies of the British Govt. of India has been made with view to make a proper assessment of their failures and achievements. Rajasthan, unfortunately, continues to be assailed by recurring famines in our own days. The vital information provided her unveils the past in order to help understand the present day problems of famine presention and relief and help evolve a correct and long term famine policy. for which too quite a few useful suggestions have been offered in the book. The study is mostly based on the offical records of different states of Rajputana and Govt. of India as available in the State Archives of Rah\jasthan, Bikaner and the National Archives of India, New Delhi. Extensive use of a number of offical reports, mostly unpublished on deifferent scarcties and famines has been made. Thus, the thesis is acclaimed as one of the original works on the subject. Letters of appreciation have been received by the author from several scholars in India and abroad.

Dr. Kamala Maloo (b.1948) obtained her Master's Degree (I Div.) in History from the University of Udaipur, Rajasthan. Availing herself of A Research Fellowship offered by the University Grants Commission, she got her Ph.D. Degree in 1976. Besides the Doctoral work, Dr. Maloo's Research articles have been published in reputed jaurnals, e.g. "Th Journals of the Rajasthan Institute of Historical Research, Jaipur." One of her papers was presented at the I.C.H.R. Seminar on "Socio Economic Hostory of Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh" in 1979. She is ar present an Assistant Prof. in the Department of History, M.L. Sukhadia University, Udaipur.


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