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Greenhouse :Science And Technology


ISBN: 9788179061251
ISBN 9788179061251
Name of Authors Surendra Kothari, SC Kaushik, AN Mathur
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2006
Pages 126
Language English

The greenhouse maintains an atmosphere congenial with regards to temperature, humidity, sunlight and carbon-dioxide concentration for the vigorous growth of different types of plants. It has been observed that an ability to exercise control over the crop micro climate results in many fold increase in the crop photosynthesis. Thus agricultural production per unit areas could be increased to a great extent and controlled environment practices are followed. The a present book give a comprehensive view of various aspects of greenhouse Technology. In this book, detailed experimental, theoretical and techno economic studies have been undertaken. This book covers different designs of greenhouse suitable for different climatic zone, mathematical made to see the effect of various parameters, a procedure to calculate the transmittance of solar radiation depending on angle of incidence through curved surface. This book also covers a time dependent heat and mass transfer analysis of greenhouse to predict inside environmental conditions as well as heating and cooling requirements for maintaining congenial air temperature inside the greenhouse for all climatic zones. One case study has been under taken for cultivation of safes muesli and ornamental plants inside the greenhouse under composite climate of udaipur ( Rajasthan , India) and detailed economics analysis has been carried out for above case study using different economic indicators namely Net Present Worth (NPW), Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Benefit-Cost Ratio (B/C Ratio) and Payback Periods. It is hoped that the book will be helpful for students, crop scientists, industrial interested in designing and installing greenhouse, farmers and persons interested in greenhouse a they will get all the needed information compiled one place.


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