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Taxation Goods And Service Tax & Custom Laws


ISBN: 9788179067062
ISBN 9788179067062
Name of Authors Vineet Chouhan Pushpkant Shakdwipee Rashmi Gandhi
Edition 1st
Book Type Paper Back
Year 2018
Pages 247
Language English
Branch Commerce
Stream B.Com.

GST is both a basic and an applied tax. It forms the backbone of national taxes. Whereas the commerce graduate students and the professional accountants are primarily concerned with the taxes, without a proper understanding of their basic taxes, GST, therefore must include both fundamental background and applied taxes information. Objective and quantitative data on the use and applied taxes. The concept regarding all new taxes and ascepts, what so ever changed by the government recently. A plethora of information thus appears to be important. However, trying to impart all this to a commerce graduate students would be counter productive. One of the important aim of this book is to delineate the essential informatoin about goods and service tax. The opening sentence in each chapter defines the class of taxes. We hope this manageable book would serve to dispel awe towards. GST from the mind of commerce students and provide a concise and updated information source for taxes, who wish to remain informed of the current concept and development about concerning taxes.


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