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From Darkness To Doom: The Bluest Eye By Toni Morrison (A Thematic Study)


ISBN: 9788179065044
ISBN 9788179065044
Name of Authors Parveen
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2015
Pages 85
Language English

This book is based on a study of the pathetic lives of the African- Americans especially women and children as depicted by the African- American femals novalist Toni Morrison in the Bluest Eye (1970). The oppressive societal normas based on racism, class and genders discrimination are representative of the widespread darkness in their outer world. The Blacks internalize reacism accepting whiteness as the standard of beauty and intelligence. This dependence on the others for determining self-worth dooms their lives.

Dr. Tarana Parveen is Senior Lecture in Department of English, Government Meera Girls College, Udaipur affiliated with Mohanlal Sukhadia University Director College Educaton, Udaipur region. She began her career as Lecture in Engllish while she was actively engaged in research in American Literature. She chose to be an academician even though she was selected for Rajasthan Administrative Services. She has benefitted eight colleges in two states. Her area of specialization is American Literature and she is engaged in research in interdisciplinary studies. She has published books and presented papers in national and international conferences.


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