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Foreign Policy Of America Under Presidency Of Donald Trump


ISBN: 9788179067147
ISBN 9788179067147
Name of Authors Mariya Moomin
Edition 1st
Book Type Hard Back
Year 2018
Pages 57
Language English

Study of foreign policy of any country is an important topic in political field and studies, as it help us to enhance knowledge about political policies and behaviour of the leader of any country. Political science, in broad sense is the study of political behaviour, its influence on people and its effect on the other countries of the world. With change in political leader, political policies and behaviour change. Every leader has its own way of dealing with various situation and matter, and this behaviour affects the political relation of country with other countries of the world. In todays era it is important to maintain balance of power and it is an era of cooperation, thus to move towards the objective of world peace and globalization, it is ideal to maintain friendly relation with all the countries of the world. America owns the most important position in the world politics and sudden changes in America's foreign policy under leadership of Donald Trump (successful businessman, with no political background) attract the attention of all.? Although, it is not possible to study and observe foreign policy precisely before the completion of Trump's work tenure as policies are changing as required but still this book is an attempt to do so keeping some change constant over time. It could be noted that with the completion of this book relation with various countries (as studies in this book) might change and policies might take a new turn, so this book is Trump's policy in broad sense.

"Miles to go before I die" The author of this book is a young scholar. Recently completed her post graduation with first rank in political science and aiming at research work. She developed her interese in political science during her active participation with her science during her active participation with her father (professor of political science) in various political seminars and youth parliaments. This is probably her first book and success of this book will surely motivate her and will inspire her towards her aim in life of being like her father. For all her achievements in life she heartely thank Almighty for his blessing and give complete credit of her work to her parents, teachers and firends for their constant support and motovation. And this book is a tribute to them. And this is the matter of great joy for her to make new readers with start of this year 2018. May this New Years bring success for her as well as for her readers.


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